Hey, I’m Faraz Jafari.

Faraz Jafari

I’m a Multi-disciplinary Designer & Marketer.

My knowledge and expertise is vast, ranging from communication, design, sales and marketing through to human psychology, customer experience and the social sciences. I have a passion for education, technology, information design and the world of commerce.

I love to build systems, solve problems and creating at the intersection where communication meets technology.


What I Can Do For You

➽ Copy that speaks to people. Sale pages, websites, business or service materials. I know what people want to hear and need to hear.
➽ Create, manage & expand websites using both front-end CMS and backend software. Coming from a time where we still hand coded websites using HTML & CSS. I have a great depth of understanding when it comes to running and managing them.
➽ Professional level graphics for advertising, informational and marketing material. Both digitally and in traditional print formats.
➽ With almost 10 years of experience in digital marketing (SEO & SEM). I was one of the first people taking advantage of this technology. Long before it became a norm.
➽ Capture, edit and mix video and audio to create effective and powerful ads, video content and informational and inspirational pieces. I am not a video editor, but use the fundamentals of good video editing to make very solid and high quality videos.
➽ And combine these skills mentioned above to create web, social media & video content. Clear, concise communication that is effective, honest and essential for any business.


Fast + Reliable

The ideal match for entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, start-ups & non-profit organisations with limited in-house resources. Someone who you can trust to hit the ground running.

Capable of wearing many different hats to solve problems / challenges and the technical hurdles along the way.

Every business, idea or enterprise eventually faces limited resources / human capital.

That is where I come in, helping you to make the most of what you have.

I’m often asked “Faraz, can you do this for us?”

And 90% of the time, the answer is YES.

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