Hey, I’m Faraz Jafari.

Faraz Jafari's Portrait

I’m a Multi-disciplinary Designer & Marketer.

My knowledge and expertise is vast, ranging from communication, design, sales and marketing through to human psychology, customer experience and the social sciences. I have a passion for education, technology, information design and the world of user experience.

Working with both large and small businesses to identify simple, elegant solutions that help achieve short & long-term business goals & objectives. While increasing the chance of survival through strategic thinking and planning.


Fast + Reliable

The ideal match for entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, start-ups, NPO’s, public institutions and other commercial/creative projects with limited in-house resources. Someone who you can trust to hit the ground running.

Capable of wearing many different hats to solve communication challenges and solve technical hurdles along the way.

Every business, idea or enterprise eventually faces limited resources / human capital.

I’m often asked “Faraz, can you do this for us?”

And 90% of the time, the answer is YES.

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