Pricing structure:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
$60 p/h $70 p/h $90 p/h
$480 p/d $560 p/d $720 p/d

* Please note that all prices are in AUD
* 1.5x Rate applies for ad hoc and weekend work

Tier 1: Applies to the more basic and straightforward tasks. For example, creating new assets for products, listings or services bases on an existing format. Or in other words, making changes to pre-existing systems, styles or formats. The more repetitive and consistent tasks fall into this Tier. Such as weekly briefs or offers.
Tier 2: Applies to the tasks that are new. For example, creating new assets for a new product-line or creating content or copy for advertisement, another example being making a WordPress website from scratch. In other words, making something new using standard/existing industry methods.
Tier 3: Applies to the more difficult and mentally taxing tasks that are outside of the norm. For example, your website, product or copy has an issue. But you have no idea what the solution is or what you need, and it requires research and inventiveness on my behalf. Or in other words, making something completely new that previously has not been solved and reaching into the unknown.