In the modern sense, the best way to describe myself, is a polymath. Someone who uses his/her knowledge of many interconnected fields and studies to solve specific problems. I’ve always enjoyed learning about different topics. And the more I learnt, the more I realised how interconnected everything is..

My university studies began with business and commerce and upon entering the work environment, I realised my strengths (in technology, design, psychology & writing) began to show themselves in the field of Marketing, Communication & Product Design. So I took it more seriously and combined my love of building to create a very unique skillset that is truly unmatched in today’s business environment.

Understanding every single step required to formulate a successful long-term business/product/service. Able to the enter the minds of others and see the world form their perspective. But most importantly, able look far ahead at an angle that puts everything into perspective. Allowing me to create and guide on a level unmatched by my peers.