Intranet serve many purposes and will change and alter based on an organisations needs. Often a place to share important documentations, processes and organisation procedures. They become a hub of information and communication within an organisation and eventually act as a important asset within a business to streamline many of its key processes or functions. But regardless of the end solutions, the software more or less remains the same and all organisations will need it in one form or another.

Building Brand New Intranet Solutions

This is where my service solutions come in handy. Although not terribly difficult to setup and run for a experienced person. An intranet and many of its features, settings and options can be too much for someone not familiar with them. And can be a tedious process with many errors along the way. Which can take away important resources from more important and necessary tasks within a business setting. Or sometimes there not be a person around with the skillset required. Therefore my services can come in to help an organisation setup a custom solution intranet based on their individual needs. Where all the necessary early developments will be made and the key data/documentations and pages setup for internal use.

Managing Existing Intranet Solutions

An organisation can then outsource the management of the intranet, allowing us to take care of all important updates, changes and asset development for a small on demand fee. Or within a monthly stipend structure for those who are power users, so to speak. And make weekly and sometimes daily uses and updates within their chosen intranet platform.

Intranet Migration Services

You may already have an intranet of some kind and wish to migrate the content and assets across platforms or onto something new and modern. This is easily done through a structured methodology, processes and routine. That will not only allow old existing content to be transferred across onto the new asset, but make full use of the new features and visuals if needed.

Optimising Intranet Solutions

At the end of the day intranets exist to communicate and transfer information across a group or network within an organisation. Therefore, important communication elements such as visual selection and sound presentational and communicational inputs must be used and selected to best inform and education or transfer this information. So having someone with experience and understanding in this field can help maximise the use and power of such tools.

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