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Content today comes in many forms, each platform having their own standards, requirements and limitations. In fact, each website will have their own visual styling and formatting requirements based on the chosen theme or design. Over past 6-7 years my favorite kind of content and the type which I’ve honed the most has been web content. More specifically web content which uses SEO to gain organic traffic. Which has many complexities and nuances that require a great deal of attention to detail, knowhow and planning.

I’ve listed some of my favorite and most polished content so far. These are all made in the later years and although not as successful in terms of organic traffic generation as those in the earlier years. Still have their own niche audience and are visually well rounded and demonstrate the best formatting based on what’ve learnt over the years.


Second to my web content is my video and multimedia content which I tend to upload onto my YouTube page. However, due to recent heavy censorship and other changes such as removing the dislike button, restrictions, deplaformation, attacks on free speech and the demonetisations that have happened over years on the more mainstream platforms. Not to mention the amount of attention that you’re bound to receive. I’ve taken a very passive and patient approach. And the creative beast that lurks beneath has been kept at bay, for now. However, the evidence of the success and potential of my style and content is still apparent.